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Rights and Responsibilities hosts a bunch of free stuff. I'm sharing it all with you, so long as you mind these rights. Pictures and documents authored by me are licensed under a Creative Commons Non-commercial no-derivs license . Follow the link to learn more. Also follow any exceptions that I note for a particular image or document.

Exception #1

This license does not apply to web widgets, modules, badges, Amazon ads, and other material that I did not author, that I've loaded from other sources. You'll have to check them out for copyright and user licenses. 


Don't forget to credit me if you use my stuff for your own website, game mod, music mashup, or any other non-profit publication. This means:


  • Cite my full name and the source, using any mainstream academic or journalistic citation method.
  • Provide an up-to-date web link back to the page where you got it from.


Never erase my name from a document or image. Never add your own. The license to use my material is revoked should it's meaning be taken out of context in a way that isn't totally hilarious or flattering to me, or placed into a context that is not protected by United States fair use provision. This includes images as well as text.




You may cite passages from my documents as evidence for a review or an academic paper. If you write an essay for profit, or later decide to sell, please keep the passages brief and in context of the source material.

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