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  Michael Franti -Stay Human                                                                           

Some people are born into clever introductions to their bios. Others find such hooks. And then there is Brian Ranzoni, who wanders with the self-assurance that somebody will pay me for my thoughts.

Born and raised in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, I developed an interest in storytelling as soon as I learned to crudely copy Richard Scarry drawings on the freezer with a permanent marker. Graduating to note paper and crayons opened the world to me. Despite a tendency towards contrarian content, nothing has stopped me since.

After eight years in the United States Navy--a disturbingly Dilbert experience-- I returned to the civilian world. Then I attended a community college, partly to better my life but mostly in an unsuccessful attempt to pick up on educated women. Instead I
founded ANR Artworks in December 2010. My debut novel Revelation Range was published in August 2011.

Brian's Brass Tacks
I write cross-genre fiction, tending towards parables and fables disquised as thrillers. I prefer cultural and historic memes to traditional symbology, but I'm not above turning a fat cigar into suggestion (or to suggest meaning where none exists). All seen through the eyes of a Western male swept into the torrent of evolution and extinction. I'm looking to tear down your world and unleash my own upon the unsuspecting public...
Welcome to the World
Reading my stories should be a life lived in another universe. Far from constraining, each piece broadens or deepens the meaning of my worlds. The word "world" itself derives from Old English for "Man-Age" and fits my picture. Altogether concerned with civilization and its fate, much of my fiction takes place in the Evoverse or Evoworld, where evolution is a real force that does not always equal progress. My cosmology thus turns on semi-hard science. I stick with mainstream physics right up to the point that it gets into decimal places, whereupon I gladly step back into liberal arts. Hence, Evoworld seldom traffics in ghosts or gods. But the fear of such things? Yes.

Bottom Line

My art aims at mature audiences and hungry minds. Because Vladamir Nabokov was wrong: there is more taboo to write about than pedophiles or "an atheist who lives a long and prosperous life and then dies at a ripe old age peacefully in his sleep." I hope to share my inciteful insights with you!
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