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John S. Hall ~ Happy Hour                                                                           

Novels are the most complete, long-form media I compose by myself. With prose packed into powerful short books, I also delve into screenplays and stageplays. Several of my stories might translate best as graphic novels.
Two of the earliest novels I can remember reading are John Wyndham's classic The Day of the Triffids and Donald Westlake's early crime caper Somebody Owes Me Money. I began reading adult novels in the fifth grade. The adult decision to commit to my own fiction came after reading Frank Herbert's Dune and William Golding's Lord of the Flies. Both books compelled me with vignettes and setpieces, unfolding within human and yet fantastic worlds.
Enter my own worlds with Revelation Range--the first Act in a series of high adventure in low circumstance. These books will lift the veil from the Revelation Era of my work.


Here and Now

Revelation Range - Act I of the Revelation Range Saga. 55000 Words. Military Speculative Fiction.


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